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2022 EPIC Kidz After School Programs


EPIC Kidz Coronavirus Protocols

Like the rest of the world, we at EPIC Kidz are learning more about COVID-19 every day. We are regularly checking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for updated information and protocols to ensure the well-being of campers. We’re doing our best to digest new information and respond in the most intelligent and thoughtful way possible. Although the world may look different, we hope that we can bring back some normalcy to your kids.

The safety and well-being of our students and staff will form the basis of every decision we make.  

As our hearts go out to the victims of the virus, and as we share appreciation and gratitude for the healthcare workers and people who work daily to help society function, we do want to recognize the toll the virus has taken on our children as they have missed out on so much this spring.

Never have we felt that EPIC Kidz programs are  as important for kids as it will be this school year. Kids need a break from technology, an opportunity to run and play outside, a chance to be face-to-face with friends, and time to relax, escape daily worries, and simply have fun. We have never been more excited about after school programs, and we will do all in our power to provide the experience kids so desperately need.

Beyond all the normal planning that goes into after school programs, we are working closely with our local health department, St. Luke’s School, OCPS, and EPIC Kidz Summer camps to share information, review best practices, and prepare for various contingencies.

Updated after school program procedures/protocols include (THESE GUIDELINES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON NEW INFORMATION FROM THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. We will do our best to follow applicable federal and state guidelines):

  • Staff members will meet parents/guardians for child drop-off at the entrance of our facilities; unfortunately, parents will not be permitted into the facility (if an exception is to be made, mask coverings are required for adults)
  • Every camper and staff member will be required to wash their hands:
    • Upon arrival in the facility
    • After every group activity
    • Before and after every snack/lunch break
    • If an instructor is required to assist a child with any portion of their snack/lunch (i.e. helping to open a yogurt or Tupperware container), the instructor will sanitize hands both before and after assistance
    • After using the restroom
    • In addition, we will monitor and ask staff members if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. These include symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat. If staff members exhibit such symptoms, they will not be allowed on-site.
    • This step may be adjusted based on professional recommendations come the day of class.
  • Staff members will be provided with mask coverings
    • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide face coverings for campers, if they deem it necessary; this step is recommended, but not mandatory
  • As is standard with EVERY EPIC Kidz camp experience, there will be NO sharing of food between any individuals in a facility
    • Smaller group sizes will ensure more spacing between student during snack/lunch periods
  • Staff will sanitize high-traffic areas and facility equipment throughout the day and will do a deep cleaning at the end of each day.
  • If your child exhibits signs of sickness at any point, the child will be separated from the other children and the parent/guardian will be immediately contacted for pick-up
  • Please understand that there will be some general playtime during camp, meaning that proximity between children will fluctuate
  • We will do our best to disallow touching of any kind between campers, but also understand that this is not an isolated, one-on-one camp experience — other campers will be in attendance and present in our facilities

As opening day approaches, we will continue to modify and improve our camper check-in process to best guarantee a virus-free community.

Prior to the first day of any of EPIC Kidz programs we ask that you sit down with your child and have a discussion about what they can do to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

We so greatly appreciate your trust in us and our shared belief in the importance of the EPIC Kidz experience. We are hosting after school programs and children will sometimes get in close distances with one another but we will do our best to keep them a safe distance apart.  If you aren’t comfortable sending your child to EPIC Kidz program due to the uncertainty regarding COVID -19 we completely understand. However, we at EPIC Kidz want all children to feel a bit like things are heading in the direction of normalcy  and we will be doing everything we can to ensure a safe and sanitary environment.

Our core intentions are to return to a small sense of normalcy for our communities; to provide our students with a fun and educational experience; to provide parents with a after school program  that will improve the child's skills and athletic development while also providing peer socialization that we have all sorely missed! If you aren’t comfortable sending your child to EPIC Kidz programs due to the uncertainty regarding COVID -19 we completely understand. However, we at EPIC Kidz want all children to feel a bit like things are heading in the direction of normalcy this school year and we will be doing everything we can to ensure a safe and sanitary environment.

As an aside, many thanks to all of you who have sent encouraging messages as we navigate new territory. We know you and your kids are counting on our after school programs. It is our passion to give kids the amazing experience at EPIC Kidz, and as we move forward together, let’s do it thoughtfully, carefully digesting the science without panic. We will always act in the best interests of our families, keeping the health and safety of all our students and staff as a top priority.

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